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They are thermoplastic and are used as insulators, for injection molding and casting, as sheets, plates, rods, rigid forms and beads. Siloxanes: Silicon polymers that contain alternate silicon and oxygen atoms in linear or cyclic molecular structures. Menards® has everything you need to cover your floors in style! We offer a wide selection of hardwood flooring options that are fit to use in any room of your home. Low-temperature thermoplastics (LTTP) are the materials that are widely used to fabricate patient-customizable splints, braces and/or supports. LTTP material activates in relatively low heat conditions...take a bead on: take a bet: take a bite: take a bow: take a break: take a breath: take a breather: take a bullet: take a chance: take a chill pill: take a crack at: take a crap: take a dare: take a deep breath: take a dim view of: take a dip: take a dislike to: take a dive: take a dump: take a fancy to: take a firm stand: take a gamble: take a ...