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Step 7: Delete All the Assigned Permissions. To remove all assigned permissions using PowerShell, run the commands given below: Step 8: Quit PowerShell. To exit the PowerShell session, execute the command below: Limitations of PowerShell. Export mailboxes only after holding necessary rights; Requires granting the full rights access to the mailbox Sep 22, 2007 · When your administrator creates your account he/she will also create a mailbox with you as the owner of the mailbox giving you automatically full permissions. This enables you to create an Outlook mail profile so you can start Outlook with your mailbox as the Outlook Today folder and allows you to set permissions for others. Dec 26, 2014 · Send as - when you are linked to an account, in addition to 'full-mailbox' permissions, you also have 'Send as' permissions. When you send an email where the from address is one of the other accounts, the email will be saved in the default configured account "Sent Items" folder instead of the "Sent Items" folder of the account you are sending as. In Exchange 2010, you can grant “Full Access” permission to another user for a mailbox. User (say UserA) that have Full Access permission to a particular mailbox (say UserB) permits UserA to access and have full control of mailbox of UserB, but only “Full Access” permission doesn’t allow UserA to send email as UserB.