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The environment variable is looked-up via the internal Apache notes and subprocess environment data structures and (if not found there) via getenv() from the Apache server process. In an Apache configuration file, environment variables accessible using the %{ENV} variable reference can be setup by using directives such as SetEnv and RewriteRule . Jun 17, 2018 · This is a short post detailing how to manually setup php fpm with apache on centos7. php fpm is a great solution (especially when used with nginx, but you may want to keep running apache while still having some of the benefits of fmp – you might even be running nginx for static resources, fpm for php and apache at the front!) As part of the connection process, usually the PLC4X S7 driver would try to identify the remote device. However some devices seem to have problems with this and hang up or cause other problems. In such a case, providing the controller-type will skip the identification process and hereby avoid this type of problem. Possible values are: