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Python program to sort the elements of an array in ascending order with python, basic programs, function programs, native data type programs, python tutorial, tkinter, programs, array, number, etc. Python is commonly used in artificial intelligence projects and machine learning projects with the help of libraries like TensorFlow, Keras, Pytorch and Scikit-learn. As a scripting language with modular architecture, simple syntax and rich text processing tools, Python is often used for natural language processing. Python is a computer programming language. This is a complete Python programming tutorial (for both Python 2 and Python 3!). Suitable for both beginner and professional developers. Python Courses: Python Programming Bootcamp: Go from Zero to Hero. Beginner. Introduction; Text input and output; String slices; Variables; Lists; If statements ... To Sort a this list of strings by Numeric Order, provide int() as key function in sort i.e. ''' Sort in Ascending numeric order, pass key function that should convert string to integer i.e using int() ''' listOfNum.sort(key=int)