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Odd count Peyote stitch is one form of the basic bead-weaving technique. The tutorial shows you how to make strips of odd count peyote, adding in different basic patterns. Project Ideas. You can turn a patterned strip into a bracelet by just adding a clasp.Aug 07, 2010 · Spiral peyote is one of the most adaptable forms of spiral beadwork. Just by changing the arrangement of the beads, you can create nearly endless looks and patterns. The technique is simply a variation of tubular peyote, worked best in even-count with a step-up at the end of each row. Flat, odd count Peyote stitch (just like even count) is great for making little bracelets, book marks, wall-hangings, pictures, beaded book covers, etc. Once you've mastered the technique you can easily work in patterns and there will be videos coming soon to show you how. As you pick up an odd...