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I thought maybe I got a lemon, and exchanged my new (at purchase), still-sealed in box (at purchase) LG Stylo 5, for another new, still-sealed in box LG Stylo 5. This phone had the same issues and it doesn't get any better through any methods the LG support team or Geeksquad can figure out. Marble Lg Stylo 6 5 case v50 Lg v40 lg g7 Lg G8 thinq case lg g6 phone case LG V30 case LG G6 case lg V30 Lg v20 case Lg Stylus 5 g5 o112 Sale Price $13.98 $ 13.98 $ 16.45 Original Price $16.45 (15% off) The option to enable with the phone itself has been disabled by LG, so you have to use ADB to get it working. LG 4 Adoptable Storage Android M 6.0 . No Root - All is how to do it, it says for the G4, but it worked fine for my Stylo 2 Plus. Not ALL apps can be moved to the SD Card though.