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Hundred Breaths Exercise This isometric exercise is taken from Pilates and is excellent for developing static strength in the core region. Lie face up on a mat with arms by your sides. Bend legs to 90 degrees. Lift your head and shoulders off mat and take 5 short, consecutive inhales, followed by 5 short, consecutive exhales. • Continue isometric strengthening • Dynamic isometric walk-outs • Progress prone exercise program no weight • Row • Shoulder extension • Progress closed chain UE activities • Seated press-up • Serratus punches • Proprioceptive exercises • Ball on wall • Supine ABC’s Goals for Progression to Next Phase 1. Jul 03, 2018 · “Isometric exercises are performed by gripping a device [a tennis ball will do] that gives enough ‘push back’ resistance to get results.” Squeeze the tennis ball for two minutes at a time ...