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HOW TO REMOVE TINDER SHADOWBAN. To remove a shadowban, you need to reset your profile. Resetting a profile is easy if you follow the steps down below. NEW PHONE NUMBER OR FACEBOOK. When making a new profile, make sure to set it up with a new phone number or Facebook account. NEW GOOGLE PLAY IF USED PAID FEATURES Twitter placed warning labels on several of President Trump’s tweets. Twitter also banned the New York Post from the platform when they broke the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop, a story which alleged his using his father’s position as vice-president to enrich not only himself but his family, including Joe Biden. Sen. Cruz said: Jul 06, 2020 · The only chance to remove the shadowban is to wait and stay calm. This is for only plus and gold members. Normal users are wasting their time waiting after submitting appeal once there is a shadowban on their account.