Automatic transmission stuck in 2nd gear
Candy tablet press machine
Unable to reach wordpress org at 198.143 164.252 curl error 7
The magic here is in exit code 3221225786, aka 0xC000013A or STATUS_CONTROL_C_EXIT. The interactive application received a control-C, and didn't catch it, so as expected, it was aborted with STATUS_CONTROL_C_EXIT. The some-command application correctly reported this as the remote application's exit code, and passed it back to the batch script.(Idiot wb developers embedded some hidden codes to sabotage other developers. ... (ML) Ends Echo Macro Library (ML) Ends cmd.exe Exit [Main] Title=Macro Library (ML ... Ctrl-C to exit the process. On Linux, it sees signal === SIGINT and continues On Windows, signal is nulland code is 3221225786(Windows' STATUS_CONTROL_C_EXIT exit code), which is treated as an error, so Doctor aborts profiling Allow exit code 3221225786 on Windows, and the behaviour matches Linux: profile generates successfully '3221225786' { $LastTaskDetails = 'The application terminated as a result of a CTRL+C.' } '3228369022' { $LastTaskDetails = 'Unknown software exception.' } default {$LastTaskDetails = $_ } } $TaskProps = @{ 'Name' = $ 'Path' = $_.path 'State' = $State 'Created' = $Created 'Enabled' = $_.enabled 'Hidden' = $Hidden