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Mar 26, 2013 路 Hello!!! (Using Excel 2010 & Outlook 2010) I am trying to write a macro from Outlook to send an email with multiple Excel files attached to a recipient. What the macro will do is read in a separate Excel file containing a list of the filenames in Column A, the email addresses of the recipients in Column B, and the file pathway in Column C. Apr 02, 2013 路 The Excel Add in will open up Excel and display a pop up that enables Macros in the worksheet. Click Enable Macros . When you go into your Excel file, you should now see under the Design tab a SharePoint section with a button called Publish and allow sync . Jan 17, 2013 路 You can save the workbook in the same directory of the macro workbook using ThisWorkbook.Path property. Sub ExampleToSaveWithSamePathDifferentName() Dim sFilename As String sFilename = "WorkbookName.xls" 'You can give a nem to save Workbooks.Add 'Saving the Workbook ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs ThisWorkbook.Path & "\" & sFilename End Sub When you open an excel file that have macro or macros, a warning appears to enable macros in excel file. The macros are used to automate the tasks that the user needs to perform repeatedly. The macros are created by recording a sequence of commands over a cell in a file.