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Annual International Crime Free Training Workshops are held in various cities throughout the USA. Instructor training certification is offered on all nine Crime Free Programs. The workshops are taught by Timothy L. Zehring, the developer of the Crime Free Programs and founder of the International Crime Free Association. How Can I get Certified? Abiding in Exile - The Timely Discipline of Showing Up 12/17/2020. By Lee Roorda Schott December 17, 2020 5Build houses and live in them; plant gardens and eat what they produce. 6Take wives and have sons ... 3) Annual Training in regards to written procedures 4) Training, Testing & Training Certificates for: • Fire Safety Directors • Floor Wardens NOTE: (57.33.19 A. 4) Hotels are exempt from the requirements set forth in Sections 57.33.19.D.2, 57.33.19.F.1.a.(4), and 57.33.19.F.1.b, except that building staff and employees Annual Plan 2019 Annual Recertification Packet: What to Submit for Eligibility (pink form) Annual Recertification Packet: Personal Declaration (blue form) Annual Recertification Packet: Authorization for Release of Information Annual Recertification Packet: Out of Pocket Medical Expenses Annual Recertification Packet: Medical Release of Information