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In regards to freer practice, freer practice activities are focused on fluency rather than accuracy and are less-restricted than controlled practice ones. One student has to give clues for the answers (without being too direct of course: think ICQ!) and the other has to guess the answer from the clues.Oct 23, 2016 · Some of the worksheets displayed are piecewise functions date period evaluating functions date period practice a piecewise functions work piecewise functions algebra 2 yl graphing piecewise functions work if math 150 topic 2 piecewise defined functions absolute 1 7. Pre-Calculus 11 Name: _ 3.1: Quadratic Functions WORKSHEET 1. Graph each of the following functions by comparing to 2 y x with a new (p,q) value and state the required information. Check with a graphing calculator or table of values if needed.22 − 4×1×1 = 0. Now apply the quadratic formula : x = (−2 ± √0)/2 = −2/2. Therefore, x = -1. Quadratic Equation Solver. Often we come across complex quadratic equations solving which can be tricky and involve complex calculations. Also, there is a risk of the result being wrong.